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Eva meignen

Managing partner


A Political Science and Economic Intelligence graduate, Eva Meignen arrived in Mozambique in 2007 to work at the Economic Mission of the French Embassy.
Enthusiastic about the country, its opportunities and prospects, she decided to create AVRIL CONSULTING in 2010.
Since then, with the support of  knowledgeable and dynamic partners, she is offering an increasingly diverse portfolio of services.



AVRIL Consulting



AVRIL CONSULTING is a Mozambican company created in 2010 and based in Maputo. With a dynamic basis of knowledge concerning Mozambique’s economic, political and social context, the company is the ideal partner for anyone looking for a comprehensive approach to the local market.

AVRIL CONSULTING can also facilitate your business relationships through its well-developed network of contacts.

AVRIL CONSULTING has built a solid reputation in the world of communication in Mozambique and worked closely with the Confederation of Economic Associations (CTA), the official representative of the private sector in Mozambique and the USAID-funded SPEED+ Project.